OR and Friends Flex Mode Garrosh Hellscream

Posted by Chan on 2014/09/18 in Raid  

A bit of a slow start to the week on Wings 1, and 2. We decided to skip Wing 3 this week, and get straight to Garrosh. Using a slightly modified strat from our norm. We downed Garrosh Hellscream. Great job everyone, and grats to Layleah on her Heirloom weapon.


Or and Friends Flex Mode 1 shot Blackfuse, and Paragons

Posted by Chan on 2014/09/05 in Raid  

The first week of our new and improved raiding alliance has been very prosperous. This week we plowed through content. Wasting no time on Blackfuse with a clean 1 shot, moving forward to 1 shot Paragons. Followed up by a lot of good progress on Garrosh. Great job Everyone.


OR and Friends Flex Mode Thok

Posted by Chan on 2014/08/07 in Raid  

A long overdue boss kill. After only a few attempts this past Tuesday night OR and Friends brought down the Big Dino, let the Flintstones BBQ commence.


OR and Friends Flex Mode Malkorok

Posted by Chan on 2014/06/11 in Raid  

Here we have OverRaided, and a few friends from Misfits, and Legion Reborn. (Sorry if I missed listing someone’s guild). After a long night of attempts, we managed to beat down old Malkorok and collect our hard earned Loots. Congrats to everyone.


10 Man Normal Immerseus Down.

Posted by Chan on 2014/05/28 in Raid  

We struggled a bit trying to 2 heal this boss previously. Thanks to a suggestion from Layleah, we pushed on and downed the boss 1st attempt this week. This being our first in guild Normal raid kill, in a while.

Sorry about being zoomed out too far for the SS, I hadn’t planned on being the one to take it.


Jin’rokh Down

Posted by Holierthanu on 2013/03/15 in Raid  


First Oondasta guild kill…sort of.

Posted by Crushathon on 2013/03/10 in Raid  


Four OR members….and about 140 others…epic battle ensued….Victory!


Blade Lord Down

Posted by Holierthanu on 2013/02/22 in Raid  


Imperial Vizier Zor’lok down, 1/6 HoF

Posted by Holierthanu on 2013/01/26 in Raid  

As illustrated by a 7-year old girl


Mogu’shan Vaults 6/6

Posted by Holierthanu on 2013/01/18 in Raid  

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