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Posted by Chan on 2015/04/27 in Announcements  

This news is a bit overdue, but ever since the release of 6.1. All Guild news has been, and for the foreseeable future, will be posted at the Guild’s Twitter. This includes anything from general Guild news, some updates that may usually be found in the Gmotd(Guild Message Of The Day), and of course our Boss kill screenshots.

You do not need a Twitter account to see these updates, but feel free to follow if you have one.

The Guild Twitter can be found at the link below.


Oregorger Strat, and Phase 2 Path Guide. OregorgerTracker Addon.

Posted by Chan on 2015/02/21 in Raid  

Oregorger Strat, and Phase 2 Path Guide.


OverRaided and Friends Normal Gruul.

Posted by Chan on 2015/02/08 in Raid  

We visited an old friend who had recently suffered a horrible hand injury. Unfortunately he had to be put down. R.I.P. Gruul.


OR and Friends Normal Brackenspore, Twin Ogron, and Ko’ragh

Posted by Chan on 2015/01/29 in Raid  

These are some late postings, I’ve been forgetting to take a Screenshot of Butcher for weeks, but meh. He’s an easy boss anyway.

Here we have our kill screenshots for Brackenspore, Twin Ogron, and Ko’ragh. Great job everyone over the past month.


OverRaided and Friends Normal Tectus

Posted by Chan on 2015/01/07 in Raid  

We have certainly struggled on this Boss, but in the end… Here lies Tectus, may he rest in pieces…


OverRaided and Friends Heroic Garrosh

Posted by Chan on 2014/10/26 in Raid  

Reposting this, since we had a issue with the site, and had to restore from a backup. This previous week, with the release of the 6.0 patch. We decided to start things slow, but after Obliterating Immersius on Normal mode. We decided to kick things up a notch, and tackle Heroic. In our first week, we push right on through and tackled Garrosh on Heroic. Great job by everyone.

The following week, we improved considerably, doing what had taken us almost 4 nights the previous week. In 2, with time to spare. So now Mythic awaits.


OR and Friends Flex Mode Garrosh Hellscream

Posted by Chan on 2014/09/18 in Raid  

A bit of a slow start to the week on Wings 1, and 2. We decided to skip Wing 3 this week, and get straight to Garrosh. Using a slightly modified strat from our norm. We downed Garrosh Hellscream. Great job everyone, and grats to Layleah on her Heirloom weapon.


Or and Friends Flex Mode 1 shot Blackfuse, and Paragons

Posted by Chan on 2014/09/05 in Raid  

The first week of our new and improved raiding alliance has been very prosperous. This week we plowed through content. Wasting no time on Blackfuse with a clean 1 shot, moving forward to 1 shot Paragons. Followed up by a lot of good progress on Garrosh. Great job Everyone.


OR and Friends Flex Mode Thok

Posted by Chan on 2014/08/07 in Raid  

A long overdue boss kill. After only a few attempts this past Tuesday night OR and Friends brought down the Big Dino, let the Flintstones BBQ commence.


OR and Friends Flex Mode Malkorok

Posted by Chan on 2014/06/11 in Raid  

Here we have OverRaided, and a few friends from Misfits, and Legion Reborn. (Sorry if I missed listing someone’s guild). After a long night of attempts, we managed to beat down old Malkorok and collect our hard earned Loots. Congrats to everyone.

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